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As for determining if investments are part 703 compliant, credit unions can refer the subpart A of part 703 and the FCU Act, specifically §§ 1757 (7), (8) and (15). Part 749 of the NCUA regulations requires credit unions to keep either a hard copy or an electronic copy in their permanent records. CFI is […]
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Accounting & Cleaning Service Management Software

The software should allow customization, recurring invoices, and support for multiple payment methods. It should also keep a record of all income sources, including client payments, reimbursements, and any additional revenue streams. Cleaning business software systems work by centralizing and automating various aspects of a cleaning company’s operations. They allow you to create employee […]
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Foods Free Full-Text Dairy By-Products: A Review on the Valorization of Whey and Second Cheese Whey

The composition of whey proteins also represent a better source of essential AAs when compared to egg, meat and soy proteins [41,42]. Due to the increase in food consumption and to the stringent environmental regulations, the management of food waste and by-products is a challenge for the agri-food industries that face demanding economic costs for […]
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