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Dear Sarah,

I like my pal’s current ex-boyfriend. In all honesty, I enjoyed him during their own relationship. Can it be okay for me personally as of yet him today? You will findn’t asked her however, but although she states she actually is down with it, should I believe their? And, easily opt to go for it, just how long ought I hold off?

—Crushing in Boston, MA

Dear Crushing,

Initially, i’d like to congratulate you on winning this week’s honor for Cool Chick. The Reason Why? You didn’t just be sure to sabotage the
buddy’s relationship
or hook up along with her date even though they were collectively


you are already aware that you are attending have to placed on your own big woman jeans and also have that very shameful dialogue about pursuing the ex.

People typically spot so much more worth to their romances than they actually do their own
. Once a hot guy or girl turns up, pals fade into the background simply to be remembered with fantastic require and urgency throughout the occasion of a breakup. Up to we would like to believe that true-love never dies, the fact is that platonic securities in many cases are tougher and nourishing during the longterm than romantic relationships—but such deep relationships just take prioritizing. Element of honoring the friend is actually inquiring her authorization commit away together with her former date.

If she’s nonetheless actively grieving, suitable thing to do is wait. You waited out their particular whole commitment, preciselywhat are a couple of more months (and/or months)? Just take this lady completely for a latte, and become honest about your feelings. Admit you have one thing possibly uncomfortable to discuss and stress your relationship is really important to you personally. It’s likely, this woman isn’t browsing offer you a huge hug and tell you straight to “go for this!” but hopefully she will realize and appreciate that you were up front with her. If she flat-out claims, “no,” offer the lady a couple of days to restart following have another girl-to-girl chat.

Should you
perform find yourself online dating the ex
, anticipate some stress. It will probably alleviate over the years. If she’s as good a friend to you since you have visited her, she will perform their best to chill. Outings without ex are very important, in addition to unexpected, “therefore, this is exactly kind of weird, huh?” will manage her the opportunity to vent and clear the atmosphere.

Really Love, Sarah

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