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Newsflash – nerds are cool! You simply need think of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Elon Musk to get the image. These guys just weren’t rushing over the football pitch attracting interest from adoring cheerleaders.

These were the people into the college collection swotting to pass through their particular next test. But you know what? In
online dating
, they are the most useful men.

These days geek guys rule. In case you are a woman dating a nerdy man – congratulations. You’ve made the connection between the man and a nerdy man.

When you yourself haven’t recognised the full potential with the nerd, I’m right here to illuminate you. Today, it might seem that you know every little thing about nerdy guys. You are likely to believe that there can be a nerd stereotype and this internet dating a nerd means playing video games and enjoying celebrity Wars.

You’d be completely wrong.

There are numerous factors why you really need to date a nerd guy.

Tend To Be 15 Main Reasons Why You Ought To Be Dating A Nerdy Man

1. they aren’t wanting to impress anyone

In school, women you should not go out nerds. Inclined these are typically


or overlooked through the cool crowds. But in the matchmaking globe, really another type of tale.

The nerdy man has actually learned that it is ok to own various passions and quirks.

They beat to their own drum, and they’re happy with that. Thus, they know they do not must wow any individual.

When they desire to choose comic con or binge-watch reruns of Star Trek or Superstar Wars they’ll. There’s an authenticity about living yourself because of this.

2. Nerdy dudes are content to stay in

Ever wished-for connections where man wished to stay static in a
upon the couch along with you? So now you get one. Don’t must you stand-in a cool soccer stadium pretending to enjoy seeing your fella run-around the pitch.

No more you may be obligated to pack the fitness center case and workout with your fitness-mad date. You should not fancy clubbing tonight? Provide your own guy a call, he’ll just be as well happy to flake out along with you and binge-snack your way through pint-sized popcorn plus favorite romcoms.

3. they don’t really have large egos.

Some men manage to get thier
through their body. You realize the sort; perhaps they are not that large, so that they get large and muscly alternatively. Other people obtain it through material things, eg pricey automobiles or boy toys.

Nerds manage to get thier self-confidence from within. Nerds and geeks don’t need recognition off their individuals. Their intellect gives them confidence. As a result, they don’t feel the need to display down or compensate in other ways.

4. Nerds you should not mind finding out

Because a nerd doesn’t have a huge
, you can inform them and teach them stuff. And also by stuff, i am talking about gender. Everybody knows it can easily just take a little while for a guy to reach know our anatomical bodies and what turns us on. Some men are happy becoming revealed.

However, some dudes believe they are aware almost everything to get angry, even aggravated whenever we try to inform them what realy works for all of us.

Maybe not the geek. He’ll pay attention patiently, exercise until the guy gets it right. He could be pleased to just take direction. The guy knows that it generally does not think about their prowess as men. It reflects much better on him to-be attentive and ready to discover.

5. Nerds are enthusiastic

Ab muscles concept of a nerd is actually passion, with passion arrives a whole lot of different features. We’ll offer you some situations; love contributes to curiosity, which then leads to a desire to learn.

Discovering is the key of cleverness. Once we are


about a topic, sometimes this overlaps into areas your everyday lives. Therefore a geek that will be passionate about personal computers can be good at getting things aside and repairing them.

Or a guy which a mathematics technical may love tackling your income tax accounts for you. You will find, there are various advantageous assets to dating a geek!

6. Obtained a great sense of humour

The institution was difficult for nerds. Many of them honed their own sense of humour to handle adverse opinions or intimidation. In conjunction with their unique intellectual expertise, these guys are super-fast in relation to cracking the funnies.


observational humour

is second to none. The wonderful thing about nerds is the fact that they takes bull crap and just operate along with it. Puns, inside laughs, jokes that just you two have been in upon will need a life of one’s own.

7. They value character over look

If you should be online dating a nerdy guy, you don’t need to be concerned with perhaps not putting on makeup products or slopping around in trackie soles. The man you’re seeing won’t imagine any a reduced amount of you because the guy don’t begin a relationship along with you due to your appearance.

The guy took the amount of time to make the journey to know you as one. He appreciates your own


and figure. Besides, he cannot truly evaluate you whenever his reward ownership is a Pokémon wrap. So the guy will not care and attention should you decide apply several pounds or drop some.

8. Nerdy men cannot judge

Nerds are the a lot of non-judgmental folks in a relationship. Maybe this is due to they suffered at school. Or maybe for the reason that regarding unusual passions.

a nerd understands that whatever makes you delighted is ok. Nerds believe that it is cool getting a collection of 400 porcelain frogs within room. Or even just wear along with purple. A geek will live and permit live.

9. they don’t perform head games

With regards to stumbled on dishing out the manipulative bone tissue nerds had gotten put aside. Nerds stay their authentic life, so why would they start to perform
brain video games
aided by the woman they like? It is really not within character.

It is a little like flirting; nerds have no idea how-to do so. Think about the typical nerd like the person had been a pc. They do not have the hardware for scheming or devious behaviour.

The good thing is that they have a large dedication chip!

10. You’ll be yourself with a nerd

Is not it tiring dating an awesome hunk that actually works around everyday and seems gorgeous without trying? You have to be on the A-game every next. You can not flake out and start to become your self. Well, with a nerd, possible.

Undo a button or two if you have consumed excess, the geek won’t bat an eyelid. Shout and holler at the television when your favored woman becomes eradicated from The united states’s Top Model. Get that poster of Chris Pratt laminated because you need it to last. They will be checking out comic books anyhow.

11. You might be always finding out as soon as you date a nerd

Nerds don’t merely realize about the items they truly are passionate about, they understand some other interesting things too. Nerds tend to be naturally fascinated, in addition they absorb expertise like a sponge.

Their particular minds stop on tangents. If a nerd doesn’t know some thing, she or he will go from their strategy for finding completely about this. Nerds are key resource troves of weird details and passions which will surprise and please you.

12. Nerds like fixing material

Maybe you have had a
having said that however fix your pc or car or television? Then weeks later the guy still hasn’t become to touching it? You may never have that challenge with a nerd.

The possibilities are that he / she know tips correct your stuff, but if they don’t really they are going to understand someone that really does. As well as cannot hang about either. Nerds are proactive, they don’t really procrastinate.

13. Nerdy guys are delicate

It’s really no shock that geeks tend to be more sensitive than your average person. They’re able to detect a person’s mood immediately. Nerds tend to be emphatic and caring people. Keep in mind, they’ve most likely been through difficult times themselves.

As a result, they could recognise the indications that someone is sad or annoyed. And additionally they won’t want you to
hide your feelings
from their store sometimes.

14. They don’t like recreations

I dated a guy when that enjoyed this baseball team. Every weekend we’d journey to out video games or remain and watch the home video games. It failed to make a difference exactly what the weather was or if perhaps I experienced something else entirely I wanted to-do.

Furthermore, but he watched the rest of the basketball games. This was to help keep rating associated with the matches from inside the category. As an individual who dislikes football, this is torture at the many intense. I sleep my personal situation.

15. Nerds make good money

At long last, nerds generally have great tasks inside it or computing. Their particular abilities tend to be highly popular, and there are numerous prestigious careers available to them. Plus, if you are matchmaking one you will have a
millionaire partner


Do nerdy men make great boyfriends?

The common
nerdy guy
is a painful and sensitive, enthusiastic and compassionate sort. These men are smart and interesting to speak with. They truly are non-judgmental, and be your self while you are with these people. Nerds won’t ever play mind games or adjust you, and they’ve got a super-dry love of life.

What kind of woman would nerdy men like?

Nerds like a non-pretentious woman that is not afraid to get herself. Geeky guys are drawn to compassionate ladies which are quiet and sensitive. Loud
attention-couple seeking girls
girls are a turn-off in their eyes. Intelligence, generosity and strength of personality are attributes they look out for.

Just what can I get my nerdy date?

Follow your own nerdy date’s passions and
buy him one thing
that comments it. Geeks and nerds like weird t-shirts, publications on their favourite subject, build-your-own sets, strange lighting, brain video games, anything to perform utilizing the aspects, sci-fi, history, physics, and astronomy; any such thing with puns or literary works.

How will you determine if a nerdy man wants you?

A nerdy guy wont arrive straight out and ask you for a romantic date. It really is inclined that they can hang inside favourite places and expect you find all of them. They Will
work stressed
close to you but should come lively whenever referring to their unique passions. Overall, you could be the main one to inquire of all of them on a date because it’s thus evident they wish to want to know around.

How do I get a nerd to at all like me?

Uncover what they prefer undertaking and steadily analyze them as buddies. Don’t jump in too rapidly or you’ll frighten them down. Let them know about any quirks or passions you must
obtain their own rely on
. Utilize texting and social networking to communicate to start with because they could be shy. Go gradually and build up a friendship before you inquire further out on a date.


I am hoping We have found you that dating nerdy men is best. Obtained really to supply, consider take the opportunity?

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